Monday, February 10, 2014

The Chemo Countdown has begun

I officially have 5 more weeks of chemo left... that's 37 days..... or 888 hours.. but who's counting???

Last Monday my platelet counts were still not high enough to receive the scheduled taxol/carboplatin treatment. I met with my doctor after having my blood drawn and she said that since my body did not seem to be recovering well from the carboplatin we would try and change up my infusion schedule. Instead of telling me to just try again in a week, we came up with a new plan. I will now be receiving chemo treatments weekly until I am finished instead of every three weeks. Every Wednesday will be chemo day. Happy hump day to me! :) I will get taxol on a weekly basis, (as it is often given when it is the only drug) and they will try to "sneak" in carboplatin when they can. Hopefully that will mean carboplatin every other week if it is given to me in smaller doses. This way my body won't get hit so hard all at once with the drug but I will still be getting it and I'll hopefully still see the same results. (Remember... carboplatin is specifically good for triple negative breast cancer patients WITH the BRCA1 gene receiving chemo BEFORE surgery. So specifically.... ME!) The best case scenario is still for all of the cancer to be gone before my surgery. However, I won't know how well the chemo worked either way until after the surgery since they have to examine my tissue under the microscope. At this point, all we know is what the doctor can feel manually and it seems that things have been feeling better, but she says it's hard to tell for sure. My last report was "significantly more subtle" signs of the tumor. To me it feels like it's almost gone. But that's me :) She said that sometimes it can still feel like the tumor is there or has not shrunk all the way, but then when they examine the tissue during surgery they find that it is only scar tissue that had been felt and the cancer is gone. That's what I'm hoping for!

So-if all goes as planned, and it should since we have a new and improved plan,  March 12th will be my last chemo treatment. Also my mom's birthday. Happy Birthday, mom!!!!! :) I am SO ready to be done. Chemo has been OK for me but I'm more than ready to let my hair start growing back. I've recently lost my eyebrows and eyelashes and I'm not gonna lie, it has been pretty miserable. The past few weeks have definitely been the hardest. I've tried to keep a positive outlook but I definitely have had my fair share of random cries lately. Not looking like myself has been really hard- it's a constant reminder every day that I'm "sick" and fighting a huge battle, when all I want is to be living my normal life that I had before. I've told myself that for the rest of my life- if I have my health and hair and eyelashes and eyebrows.... I won't complain about a thing. And I mean that!!!

In happier news- it's the NHL's Olympic Break and I'm very excited for a couple weeks off with Kelly. He's been working like crazy ever since I was diagnosed right when the season started. We are in Austin now to see my family and do some wedding things.. then on Friday, (Valentine's Day!) Kelly, Isaac (Kel's son), and I will go to  DISNEY WORLD!! I'm so excited to spend some time with both my boys in the happiest place on earth. I could use some mickey mouse and a happy ten year old "future stepson" in my life right now. :) Isaac is a true joy and a blessing to me and I just love him so much!! He's definitely a huge "bonus" that I will get in marrying Kelly..... and thanks to him I get to do fun kid things now like going to Disneyworld!  :)

Prayers are appreciated for this 5 weeks to fly by, for the chemo to WORK and for my hair to start to GROW!! Happy Valentine's Day to all!



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  1. Thank you Julie for your blog. I am 37, BRCA1 positive, and just found out I have stage 2A IDC breast cancer....also triple negative. I had my genetic testing at Baylor so I have been doing increased screenings for a few years, but still not the news you ever expect to hear! We just moved from Dallas last year, so I am especially missing my friends. I'm happy you are kicking ass, and I am going to do the same. Don't mess with Texas, right?