Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Chemo Update

Yay! All the prayers worked, ya'll! Thank you Lord! My platelet counts were where they needed to be so I was able to move forward with my 6th chemo treatment yesterday, finally! After hearing my counts were good I went to see my friend Greg at FitSteps who is conducting the exercise research experiment and I did my 30 minutes of walking on the treadmill. I tried to walk fast and on a high incline to make it like a "real workout." Then I went to get chemo and my blood pressure was a bit low during the Taxol treatment.. it was dropping every 15 minutes when the nurse checked, so we started to worry a little bit.... it got down to about 85. I was also half asleep when the nurse was taking my blood pressure thanks to the IV of Benadryl that they gave me before they started the heavy drugs. But once I sat up and had half a turkey sandwich and some cranberry juice my blood pressure went back up to 100. The nurse thought the fluctuation was perhaps from the workout that I did prior to the treatment, who knows! Just glad it went back up and they didn't have to stop down the Taxol treatment. Also, my doctor dose reduced both my Taxol and Carboplatin drugs which should hopefully keep my platelet and white blood cell counts at a normal level and keep the delays from happening in the future. I'm going to go in and see them in two weeks from today to do a blood draw and see where things stand a week before my next chemo, because although my platelet levels had gone up this time, the white blood cell count was on the low end. If that's still the case in two weeks they can give me a shot to help the counts go up before the next chemo. So fingers crossed I can stay on track... only two treatments left, I'm starting to see the light at the end of the chemo tunnel! Then I get to open up the doors to the mastectomy tunnel which I'm sure will be a lovely tunnel. :) (Insert grossed out face emoticon here).

Anywho, all is well and I'm feeling good- had no nausea or sickness just a little drowsiness from the Benadryl. Went to my regular Pure Barre class today and have spin class tomorrow- time to kick in that wedding workout plan as we're just over 6 months out! Mom is staying with me until Kelly gets back from NYC on Friday night/Saturday morning after they play. We're having fun wedding planning and watching Juan Pablo on the Bachelor.

Thanks so much for all the love and prayers after my last blog post- they truly helped and I love you all!!!!!! XOXO



  1. Wow, so much so fast. Your strength and positive attitude should inspire us all. Congratulations and God bless, Your a winner.

  2. Julie - You continue to amaze all of us that love you and are following your story. I can't wait to visit with your Mom so that I can hear all about your wedding plans. I hope everything goes well in the aftermath of this treatment so that you can stay on schedule. Prayers and best wishes.

  3. Hope all is well, get concerned when it is so long between updates. God Bless You!