Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Wedding Planning and Chemo. I'll take it!

So I have some really exciting news!!!!! My amazing, wonderful, handsome boyfriend PROPOSED on Thanksgiving!!!! I was so shocked and excited. I really didn't see it coming, he did a great job keeping it a secret from me! It happened at my 93 year old grandmother, nanny's, house a place that is very special to me. He proposed after our big meal and after the Cowboy game ended, in front of 17 of my family members including his mom Arlene who was visiting all the way from Canada. My mom and stepdad were prepared with two nice champagne glasses and some good champagne to celebrate, and celebrate we did until about 1:00 AM! It could not have been more perfect. The ring is amazing- so sparkly and so "us." I'm so impressed with Kelly, my "fiancé!"
I'm also so very excited to have some GOOD news and a big party to plan and look forward to. It's a bit of a challenge getting things planned through my "wedding road blocks" of chemo, a mastectomy, radiation, and reconstruction, but I think we'll manage. :) I may not look totally like myself or quite as I had planned to look on my wedding day but the main thing is that WE GET MARRIED!!!! So excited to be married to my fabulous man! 

Tomorrow will be my 5th chemo treatment and my first Taxol/Carboplatin treatment. I should know by tomorrow whether or not I have the "cancer gene". Fingers crossed that I don't! I think the next 4 treatments will last a little longer- like around three hours to get both drugs. (update- it took four and a half hours! I slept through two hours of it though bc they gave me benadryl.) :)  Kelly is in Chicago and then heading to Toronto with the team this week so my mom will be going to chemo with me. I have a feeling we'll do some wedding planning while I sit in my chemo chair. Works for me! Also- I was given two JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE tickets for tomorrow's concert at the AAC so I'm going to pray that I feel OK after chemo! These drugs are not supposed to be as tough on the body as my last two (which weren't even too bad for me) so I'm hoping that I will feel good enough to dance tomorrow night! :) 

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, are loving on your hair and not sweating the small stuff in life. The holiday season can be busy and crazy but it's such a good time to reflect on how lucky we all are- (especially if you are blessed with fabulous hair and good health! ;) )  I'm so thankful for my amazing family who is helping me through this battle, my great, knowledgeable doctors, and my strong, supportive fiance, and I'm really looking forward to the Christmas season. Until next time!


Just after the proposal :) 

My gorgeous ring that Kelly picked out all on his own!

My new family! Little did I know they were not just cooking here but also scheming :)


  1. So happy for you, Julie!!! You have a wonderful family already and looks like you're joining another one, nothing could be better. You make me laugh hysterically and cry with every post, keep them coming!!

    1. Thank you Julie!!! You're so sweet. Thanks for reading and I hope you are doing well!! xoxo

  2. Julie, so glad to hear of your good news! Just know that your tennis team at Cooper Fitness is thinking of you and wishing you the best. Please come and play some tennis with us when you start feeling up to it!

    1. Thanks so much Steve!!! Excited to get back on the court :)